The Infernal Shadow

Vor Rukoth Awaits

After defeating the invading Goblins, Urist Thunderfist rewards the players with Dwarven Armor. After this, he directs them to the mainland, the country of Catarn in order to investigate rumors of recent Infernal workings in the ancient dead city of Vor Rukoth. He has one of his associates travel with them, as he has business near the city.

On the ferry heading to Catarn, after some good-natured gambling the boat is attacked and destroyed by Lizardfolk. These creatures are dealt with quickly and handily by the party under the water. Once everyone has surfaced, the mysterious dwarven companion leads the way in swimming to the mainland, staying ever silent.

Once the party reaches shore, it is not long before they come upon the tent city of Coyote’s Refuge, which acts as something of a base of operations for adventurers seeking to go into Vor Rukoth. They found their way to The Dancing Lizard, the only Tavern and one of the few permanent buildings in town. Inside they found a dwarf with a metal lower jaw named Terris Halfjaw behind the bar, who was quick with a joke and friendly enough to give the party whatever information they needed.

After a quick meeting with The Coyote (a halfling adventurer) atop his Watch Tower, the party retired for the night in a bedchamber within the tavern, only to find themselves locked in with sand pouring in from the walls. Thanks to Drodar’s light sleep, he was able to rouse the party in time and all 4 were able to bust down the enforced door amidst the incoherent rambling of Terris, who they tied up and brought to The Coyote. The Coyote promised to deal with the deformed dwarf and sent the party off on their first commission, to scout out the entrance of Vor Rukoth.

Once inside the city gates, the party were quickly faced with many undead skeleton forces, including a blazing skeleton. These beasts were torn down quickly, with the party suffering only a few minor burns and scratches. They returned to Coyote’s Refuge to their own new tent provided by The Coyote on the condition that he may commission them for whatever jobs he may have.



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